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Footwear Design / Development

Working for Bata, one of the world’s leading shoemakers, has enabled me to travel the world and design footwear sold across six continents. Starting as a design intern, to now leading the Product Development team at Power Athletics, I have had the unique oppurtunity to generate designs for multiple labels, work with overseas suppliers and connect with buyers from across the globe. These experiences have enabled me to develop a holistic view of the footwear development process with a focus on a wide range of global consumers.

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Design is Messy

Footwear design is about communication; distilling complex ideas and concepts to translate across cultures, languages and time zones. Design is about getting messy, cutting samples and hacking them back together. Where renders are a great reference, but proportions are truly defined by masking tape, sharpie markers and a great technician.


Development is one of the most rewarding aspects of the footwear design process because process are always changing and every shoe is an opportunity to learn.

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CMF Storytelling

Designing within Bata has given me the oppurtunity to take full ownership of the product development process, leading all phases of design research, concept creation, technical development and CMF for Power and Weinbrenner products.


Colours and materials contextualize designs and communicate purpose, value and touch points. CMF is the first point of contact for consumers to make an impression on a product and it can be used as a tool to connect concepts to larger trends, social movements and consumer groups.

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