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Young Living Lantern
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While working in Provo, Utah as a member of the Rocketship Inc. design team, I had the opportunity to conceptualize Young Living’s Lantern Diffuser. This diffuser was introduced to extend the brand’s existing aromatherapy product assortment while reflecting the need to reach consumers with a new and on-trend design aesthetic. This heritage-inspired silhouette embraces modern styling while bringing comfort and functionality to the home.

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Traditional with a Modern Touch

Inspired by the growing 'Modern Farmhouse' trend, the Young Living Lantern Diffuser was designed to target consumers who embrace tradition while reflecting the comforts of a contemporary home.


The lantern is comprised of perforated panels of cold rolled steel and frosted glass panes to provide variations in surface finish and feel. Clean lines and minimal interaction points highlight the product's modern functionality, while maintaining a classic silhouette. 

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Welcoming by Design

The Young Living Lantern Diffuser complements a variety of home décor styles while creating ambience with a warm glow and natural feel. Programmable internal lights, featuring a candle-flicker mode, provide a welcoming invitation for guests and make this lantern a perfect addition to any home or gathering.

Released in 2018, this diffuser was able to reach a new audience with its timeless form factor, compact footprint and calming features, helping transform any room with light and aroma.

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Rocketship Inc. is a full-service industrial design and product development firm helping executives and entrepreneurs bring new product concepts to market since 2001. All work shown was completed by Rocketship Inc. for Young Living. 

I am a contributing inventor for the design patent of the Lantern Diffuser, granted in 2020 by the USPTO under Application Number #29641577. 

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