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Inspired by the past but built for the future, Sherwood: Future Equipment Concepts combines modern manufacturing with heritage materials to embody the evolution of the game. The goal is to start a conversation between the past and the future by creating a product emblematic of Sherwood’s rich heritage and continued pursuit of innovation.

Material Exploration

Future Equipment Concepts explores forging woven carbon fiber and engineered wood veneer into a high-performance composite material, enabling enhanced responsiveness and puck feel.


Pioneered in carbon plated running shoes, forged wood/carbon composites have the potential to recontextualize a material central to the Sherwood brand without sacrificing performance for the modern PWHL & NHL athlete. 

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High-performance Heritage

Introduced as the flagship product in 1976 and known as “the best stick in the world” by Hall of Fame legend Guy Lafleur, the Sherwood PMP 5030 is an icon of the game.


Future Equipment Concepts draws inspiration from the rich heritage of the PMP 5030 line, while leveraging new material innovations to imagine the next icon of the Sherwood brand.

Disruptive by Design

Designed to disrupt the current landscape of high-performance carbon sticks, the Future Equipment Concepts: PMP 5030 Pro draws inspiration from the iconic PMP 5030 series and its distinctive visual language.


Natural veneers highlight key consumer touch points and draw attention to the Sherwood brand, while gold detailing emphasizes the modern performance technologies found throughout the design.

Inspired by Legends, Built for the Next

With the game of hockey constantly evolving, Future Equipment Concepts explores how Sherwood can embrace its rich heritage while creating a product emblematic of its continued pursuit of innovation.


The goal is to create a conversation between the past and future, acknowledging the legends that changed the game, while enabling the next generation of athletes who seek to redefine it.


Photo by Aaron Cobb via

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